Ribbon Candy Day

Ribbon Candy Day

Ribbon candy is thin enough to melt in the mouth and sweet in flavor. This holiday treat was first created in Europe centuries ago by confectioners to decorate their shops. The curls were made by hand around the thumb of the candy-maker.

While candy can be made today on a large scale by machines, the delicate ribbons are still meticulously maintained by candy-makers.

It eventually found its way to America. Ribbon candy quickly became a hit in New England, and later spread throughout the country. It is a part of many family traditions. However, it is only made by a handful of companies and is typically only available in stores from the fall to the Christmas holidays.

Ribbon Candy holds a special place in Judy Pancoast’s heart.

Judy set up a Facebook page to help spread the word and discovered that Ribbon Candy is a holiday tradition.

Here are some comments:

It is important to enjoy Ribbon Candy Day, but also give it away. You can buy a few boxes to give to friends, family, and coworkers. Even better, hand them out to people you don’t know, such as the bank teller, checkout clerk at the grocery store or toll booth attendant. You will be reminded of Christmas by the smiles and surprise on their faces.

You could also give the candy as a tribute to Raymond, who was a great Dad and wanted only a box full of Ribbon Candy for his birthday.


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