Rounds Resounding Day

Rounds Resounding Day

Let’s celebrate Rounds Resounding Day. This annual event celebrates the art of singing round, or part-songs. Different voices take up different elements of the melody.

Three Blind Mice, Row, Row Your Boat, and the Australian song Kookaburra, are two of the most well-known English nursery rhymes. They are often sung by Scouts or Guides around the campfire. This format has been used by serious composers. Part-songs in English date back to 17th century. A cappella groups, barbershop quartets and other groups have added a new spin to singing in the round.

This special day was established in 1987 to encourage harmony singing. It is a great way to celebrate the occasion by joining with friends or family and singing a mix of old and new songs. It is sure to be a huge success!


Jan 08 2025


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