Rumi Day

Rumi Day

Poetry has been an integral part of many cultures throughout the centuries. Poetry is a prized art that is celebrated by many societies and cultures.

Some of these poets have become so significant that they are now celebrated around the world. Rumi Day is one of these. It celebrates the life of Jalal ad -Din Muhammad Rumi or Rumi, as he is commonly known.

Rumi was born 1207, although the exact place is not known. While some scholars believe he was born at Balkh (modern-day Afghanistan), others disagree and claim he was actually born in Wakhsh (modern-day Tajikistan). Rumi began his life as an Islamic Jurist, before he switched to poetry at 37.

He was able to write at a much later stage of his life than many poets. His works, which were majority in Persian, were easily translated across borders and appreciated by many nationalities and ethnicities. For example, he managed to establish a large audience in Iran, Persia and Turkey.

Rumi’s legacy is still impressive, even though he died in 1273. Rumi’s poems were translated into many languages and he has a strong English-language following. It might surprise you to find out that he is still the most-sold poet in America, even in modern times.

Enjoying Rumi Day’s timeless poetry is a great way to celebrate. There will be many bookshops that sell his poetry. You might be able find free poetry online.

Are you unsure which poems to read or where to find them? It’s okay! Only Breath is one of our favorite poems. This is one of his most beloved poems, and many people love the way it speaks to them.

Many people find that even though they don’t have the same beliefs and principles as Rumi, many can relate to this amazing verse. It’s about living together in one global community regardless of where you are from or what faith you hold. It’s important to always try to work together. It is a wise move, especially in these modern times.

A reading of Rumi Day’s poems can also be a great way to celebrate. This will allow you to gather your friends and share the love of this timeless poet’s poetry.

Rumi’s birthday could be a great opportunity to learn more about him, even if you have never heard of him before. He may become your favorite poet, you never know!


Sep 01 - 30 2024


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