Sandcastle Day

Sandcastle Day

Few childhood memories are more treasured than building sandcastles at the beach. The hot sun, cool water, and the beauty of the castles that disappear when the tide comes in are all things we remember fondly.

Let’s be real: When was the last time that you built a sandcastle with your child, your friends, or all by yourself? It’s time to take a few hours this Sandcastle Day to remember how amazing building sandcastles on the beach can be.

Although sandcastles have been around for thousands years and have been a popular past-time of children and adults, it’s only recently that they have been recognized as an art form.

From 1989 to 2009, a World Championship in Sand Sculpture took place in Harrison Hot Springs in Harrison (British Columbia, Canada), also known as “Harrisand”. You can find other countries that hold their own world championships. However, due to logistics and expense, it is impossible to have all of those who wish to participate in the same place at once.

The 2007 Sun Fun Festival saw the construction of the world’s tallest sandcastle on Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. It was nearly 50 feet (15m) tall and took 10 days to build. 300 trucks loaded with sand were used in its construction.

Sandcastle Day was established to remind us of the joy that sand, sun, and water can bring us. You’re only able to enjoy the small things.

This day doesn’t require you to live in a charming oceanside village. However, waves can make building sandcastles more difficult. If there’s enough sand in the area, a lake or river can be great places to spend several hours on this day. You can celebrate Sandcastle Day in any day, rain or shine.

You can bring some tools with you depending on the type of sandcastle that you are building and how hard you plan to work.

A simple bucket and shovel combination can reduce the amount of trips required to collect all the sand. Simple work gloves will also prevent your hands from getting irritated. You can also find a variety of metal, wood and plastic forms that will allow you to shape your items so they look as good as possible.

A sandcastle is not the only thing you can enjoy on this day. You will also be able to enjoy a picnic lunch or barbecue after hours of hard work. Nothing tastes better than fresh, outdoor food! What are you waiting to do? Grab a lunch and a shovel, and head down to the shore to experience a day full of sunshine, fun, nostalgia, and laughter.


Jun 08 2025


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