Santa’s List Day

Are you curious about who’s on the Naughty List? Or who made it onto The Nice List for the Christmas celebrations? Santa’s List Day is the best day to find out!

Santa Claus is said to have first appeared in Turkey around the 4th century BC. According to legend, Saint Nicholas was a religious man who gave gifts to children and showed kindness.

Nicholas became the patron saint for many countries. However, the Netherlands appears to have been the birthplace of many cultural innovations that lead to Santa Claus. Every year, on the feast of Saint Nicholas, parents would leave gifts for their children. They assumed the gifts were from St. Nick.

This folklore evolved into the American Santa Claus. Partially from Clement Mark Moore’s 1823 poem, “Twas the Night before Christmas”, the idea of Santa bringing gifts might have come about.

Santa’s List was created some years later. Although no one knows the exact origin of the idea, it could be related to the Santa Claus song “Santa Claus is Comin‚Äô to Town”. The song was originally recorded in 1934 and has been covered by many artists.

It’s now time to celebrate Santa’s List Day

Celebrate Santa’s List Day with your family and friends is a great way to kick off the Christmas celebrations. These are some ideas to enjoy the day.

Make a list of all the nice things you have seen people do this year. After you have compiled your list, start thinking of ways to encourage people.

Santa’s List Day can be a fun day to enjoy holiday music and have lots of fun. Play Spotify or any other online music service and listen to only songs that include Santa’s list, or the gifts he will bring to children.


Apr 12 2025


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