School Breakfast Week

School Breakfast Week

Since the beginning, nutrition in public schools has been a topic of conversation. In recent years, it can be difficult to find a healthy diet in schools with low funding.

School Breakfast Week is a holiday which helps to change the tune by bringing children’s health into the discussion.

School Breakfast Week was established by the School Nutrition Association in 1989. It was a nationwide holiday that aimed to promote healthy breakfast choices and encourage parents and students to get involved.

The SNA was founded in 1932, when food stockpiles were being used to provide food for schools in dire need. A few years later, President Harry Truman launched the National School Lunch Act. This started a series of events, conventions and organizations that led to the creation of School Nutrition Association. It was established as its first headquarters in 1955.

The federal 1981 cuts that were made to children’s nutrition programs led to the birth of the holiday. The holiday was created to encourage parents to find out about their schools’ nutrition programs, and what they are doing to keep their children healthy.

Many of the problems faced by advocates for healthy nutrition in children have slowly disappeared since President Barack Obama signed The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act 2010. The SNA encourages healthier food in schools today through its National School Lunch program and has been a source of funding for schools.

School Breakfast Week encourages parents and schools to be advocates for their children’s health.

Looking for ways to celebrate School Breakfast Week in a unique way? Advertise the holiday in local schools by asking for SNA logos or artwork via the organization’s main site. Start a campaign by working closely with your school’s social worker. Teachers will plan a week full of educational fun for their students and parents.

Request a meeting with your local school board to discuss the possibility of a better food program for each year.

However, regardless of how involved you may be in your community, you can still participate using the hashtag #SchoolBreakfastWeek. You can also tell others about the holiday via your favorite social media sites by using this hashtag.


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