Scrubs Day

Scrubs Day

Scrubs are one of the most comfortable clothes ever made. Although scrubs are well-known, they are often underrated. One small-town girl decided to solve this problem in the ancient year 2014. To spread the love and educate others about the benefits of scrubs, she created “Scrubs Day” October 9th.

Here’s a quote by the girl: “Scrubs can be so much fun. These scrubs are like pajamas you can wear to work, school, or any other place. Even pretending to be a doctor is possible. No one will notice your choice of outfits if you use fancy terminology such as ‘anisocytosis.’ Scrubs save you a lot of time and effort when choosing an outfit for the day. You can find scrubs at many fashionable places if you know where to look. You don’t have to be frumpy. Be comfortable and stylish all at once!

Since October 1, this little girl has posted pictures of herself in scrubs on social media and held up signs to celebrate the holiday. She has shared the story of “Scrubs Day” with many people and will continue to do so until her death.

You can be just like this girl if you wish. Here are some practical tips for celebrating “Scrubs Day” October 9th. Wear scrubs and be proud. You can shout “HAPPY SCRUBS Day” loudly to anyone/anything that you see, such as the boss at work or granny walking down the street, the cashier at Walmart, the ant, and even the ceiling fan. You can also share photos of your scrubs via social media. Signs that say “I love scrubs”, “Happy Scrubs Day”, or “Scrubs Are Life” will be instantly popular.

A final tip: bake a cake to honor your scrubs. Scrubs don’t usually have the ability to blow, so you may need to move the scrubs around the cake. Avoid catching fire. Stop, drop and roll if you do. Check to see if your scrubs survived the fire. Stop all celebrations if they haven‚Äôt. You can put on a sackcloth or ashes. Gather your friends (medical personnel are the most understanding) to organize a funeral. You don’t have to cry. Celebrate the survival of the scrubs and go on with the celebrations.

Although October 9th is a great day to celebrate scrubs, it is only one day of the year. Scrubs should be celebrated on every day. So whenever you feel the need, celebrate scrubs in any way you want.


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