Serendipity Day

Serendipity can be described as a “happy accident” (or a “pleasant shock”) and encourages people to notice the unexpected positive things that are always there, if they just had the eyes to see them.

The creators of this day believe serendipity does not happen by chance. It is a lifestyle or attitude that encourages people to look for the unexpected and expect happy surprises.

You’ll learn something fascinating and new about Serendipity Day.

Horace Walpole, a man from the mid-1700s, coined the term serendipity. He explained to a friend how he created serendipity from a Persian fairy tale, known as The Three Princes of Serendip.

Three princes were exiled from Serendip, another name for Sri Lanka, to prove their worth. They are surrounded by “serendipitous”, often unexpected, moments as they travel the globe. It’s a lot like children’s stories, in that characters sometimes just happen to stumble upon the right place or the key to solving the mystery. It could also be compared to those old, corny superhero movies where the heroes just happen to have the solution to the problem.

Walpole may have created serendipity in mild ridicule of the “happy accidents”, but it is now a beloved inspirational line: “Seek serendipity!”

This day is about noticing the simple things that can lead to something great. These are some ideas to celebrate this day:

There are many restaurants that call themselves Serendipity, including these.

Whatever activities you choose to do on the day of Serendipity Day, pay special attention to your real life search for luck, serendipity, and fate.


Aug 18 2024


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