Sewing Machine Day

A Day That Celebrates the Invention of the Sewing Machine
How many of you have heard of National Sewing Machine Day? We’d put money on there only being a few. Who is responsible for creating this unusual day? We really couldn’t find a culprit. What is its purpose? To celebrate the invention of the sewing machine of course. It is observed every year on June 13.
Who Invented the Sewing Machine?
This is a much easier question to answer. It was English inventor Thomas Saint who applied for the first sewing machine patent, in 1790. The design for Thomas’s sewing machine was never taken any further, and there is no evidence that his machine for stitching leather and canvas was ever made.

A working model of a sewing machine wasn’t made until 1874. A guy named William Newton Wilson found the drawings made by Saint in the Patent Office in London. He made some adjustments to the design and went on to build a working model. This model is now on display in the London Science Museum.

Sewing machines have been used in industrial settings for many years, and it wasn’t all that long ago you would have found one in many people’s homes. They went out of fashion for several years, with the influx of cheap manufactured clothes and furnishings. But are currently enjoying a bit of a revival.

If you want to celebrate National Sewing Machine Day, the best way to do it is to get stitching and make something for yourself or your family.


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