Shamu the Whale Day

Shamu the Whale Day

Shamu the Whale Day is a day of celebration and fun for orcas!

Orcas are killer whales. They are intelligent, highly trained, and striking in appearance. Orcas are large and distinctive with their black and white features. They can reach 32 feet in length for males, and weigh more than 8 tons.

Shamu, the first female killer whale to perform at San Diego’s SeaWorld in 1960s, was a beloved orca whale. She was only six years old when she was taken into captivity and died in 1971. Shamu was so beloved that SeaWorld trademarked her name. Many orcas have performed at SeaWorld’s parks under the same name.

Named “Kalina” was the first baby Shamu born in captivity to survive, she was also the first one to be named after her. National Shamu Day was celebrated because she was born September 26, 1985.

SeaWorld, along with many other aquariums around the globe, decided to end their orca program due to questionable practices and poor treatment of the whales.

Warm feelings of admiration for these magnificent creatures continue to be evoked by Shamu and her orca companions. National Shamu the Whale Day aims to raise awareness about the dire situation of these magnificent whales and the beautiful gifts they provide to the natural world.

People who are passionate about killer whales and orcas can celebrate National Shamu the Whale Day by doing these things:

Financially supporting charities that care for killer whales is a great way to connect on this day. Orca conservation is an important cause that preserves and conserves these magnificent creatures.


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