Share a Hug Day

Share a Hug Day

A hug can make your day better. It could be the warmth and support of someone you care about, or the sense of security and solidarity that comes with being surrounded by others. Or maybe it’s just the fact that you can’t get one without receiving one back. It doesn’t matter what it is, there are always good times to hug someone who is willing to give one or take one back. When someone is feeling down, Share a Hug Day allows you to offer a hug and politely give it!

One night of tragedy saw Mike Brundritt lose his son and wife in an auto accident. Share a Hug Day was born. Brundritt was determined to make anything positive and share the family’s most precious tradition, which is to give and receive hugs often and with abandon. Brundritt knew firsthand how important hugs can be in someone’s life.

Mike Brundritt is my name. I used to live a happy life. I married the woman of my dreams and we had been married for 19 years. Both of us had great jobs and were active members in the local community as well as our church. Our two sons were great; our oldest was active in every sport and our youngest loved video games. Friends and family have always been there for us as a family and have been an integral part of our lives. I would say I was very fortunate.

Everything changed on the afternoon of July 30, 2017. We were returning from a camping trip with our family. We were driving home from a family vacation when we were involved in an accident involving a motor vehicle. A truck hit us from behind. In a flash, my entire world was changed by this collision. My oldest son and wife both died instantly. My youngest son and me both survived the accident, but we have both had mental problems since. I also have back injuries and am still recovering. It was a long road to recovery.

Now, fast forward to the anniversary of the accident. Just a few days before the anniversary, I began to think of ways I could honor and remember my son and wife. I was thinking about how loving our family was, sharing hugs as a way to say goodbye and a greeting. It was also a way of saying I love you. After the accident, many friends shared a hug. Hugs are a special way to let people know you care. It occurred to me to start a hug day in honor of my family members.

On July 30, 2018, I awoke with the idea of starting a special day. The problem was that I didn’t know how. I posted a message on my Facebook profile and it was shared to friends. Friends and family shared my message and it took off. It was quickly shared in Canada, the United States, England, Lebanon, Australia, and elsewhere. My message was further spread when I was contacted locally by local news. It was amazing how far and fast my message traveled.

Hugs can do amazing things for your body. They have been proven to release endorphins, ease stress, and reduce emotional distress. Hugging more often has been proven to increase compassion and help people cope with stressful situations. Hugs can lift moods, relieve pain, and be very beneficial for all involved.

Share a Hug Day can be celebrated by doing exactly as it says on the tin. If you feel someone could use a hug, share it with them! You can request a hug from someone you care about if you feel the need. Hugs are a great way to feel human touch. Ask the person you wish to hug or to be hugged if they are okay with it. Hugging should always be voluntary!


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