The local business was once the heart of the shopping experience. Local craftsmen and farmers, Ma and Pop shops and other local businesses were all part and parcel of the local flavor. Many stops were made on our shopping trips. While we knew our neighbors and did business together, over the last few decades the big box store has been the king. Walmart, Target and K-Mart now account for the largest percentage of our monthly spending. Shift10 Day invites you to reminisce about these past days and support your local businesses by giving them 10% of your monthly spending.

Scott’s Marketplace created SHIFT10 Day in 2016 to encourage shoppers and others to spend 10% more locally. The campaign began with an online campaign to raise awareness about the shop local movement and the possibilities of shopping locally online. Local communities are made up of our friends, neighbors, and who better than them to support your shopping dollars than the people you see every day?

Big Box stores dominate the landscape, expanding their operations daily. But their bland facades don’t offer the same personal touch or pleasure as shopping with a friend. You don’t have the option to complain about a distant company, nor can you get feedback from them on how they are serving your community. Each big box store offers the same products and resources as all other big box stores in the same chain. There is no connection with the local community.

This is not the only thing that makes you happy. It’s your business, after all, that feeds families, builds homes, and educates those in the community that you live in. There’s no greater satisfaction than this.

It’s very simple, as it says in the name. Spend 10% of your monthly shopping money in your local community. Sign up at and you will start receiving notifications about local businesses. You can also celebrate by going out and learning about local businesses! Farmers’ markets and craft fairs are just one way to celebrate, but you should also explore local dairies and chicken farms to help give back your money to your community.


Oct 10 2024


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