Shopping Reminder Day

Shopping Reminder Day

Christmas is the most magical time of the year, filled with festivities, gifts, and tons of promotions. There’s no doubt Christmas is commercialized. And it’s not surprising that people are busy shopping. Shopping Reminder Day is exactly that.

The Friday after Thanksgiving Day became more commercialized and the most popular day to shop in the United States. It’s now known as Black Friday. This is because shopping centers will be crowded with people who want to shop for holiday gifts or simply take advantage of the many sales and promotions. Some people have grown tired of the constant stream of consumerism and decided to make it Buy Nothing Day. Back to the point: Shopping Reminder Day has likely the same origins and may coincide with Black Friday in any given year (it may even fall on Thanksgiving).

Shopping Reminder Day is a reminder to shop for holiday gifts. It falls about a month before Christmas. Yes, you read that right. There’s a day that reminds you to shop so you don’t procrastinate until Christmas Eve. (Like my dad used to do, but I don‚Äôt think he‚Äôs the only one). Maybe you have forgotten something important in all the noise of Christmas shopping, sales and promotions. It’s been a mad rush to get everything done. Is there anything in the fridge? Maybe you have to purchase some items for your home. You might find it helpful that Shopping Reminder Day is celebrated at any time of the year.

It is easy to observe Shopping Reminder Day. Make a list of things you need or gifts you want to buy. Maybe you’re the type who does all your holiday gift shopping before Thanksgiving. Do you have everything necessary to wrap gifts? Or all the decorations for holiday parties? Go out and get those items. It’s really quite simple. Call a friend and remind them it’s Shopping Reminder Day. Offer to help your friend brave the crowds and all the promotions. Once you have bought everything, you may be able to relax at home with a cup of egg nog for a few weeks while everyone else is out shopping. Maybe I was just reminding you to buy egg nog. You can celebrate by sitting at home with the egg nog you bought, or perhaps I just reminded you to go out and get it.


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