Shot Day

Shot Day

Are you a fan of a smooth, quick drink? What was your last trip to the bar with friends, family, colleagues, or coworkers? Are you a fan of shots? Do you wonder how they came about? You can find out more about alcohol, including how it is measured and what goes into your favorite drinks like the buttery nupple. How do you make the kamikaze or the lemon drop? Shots Day gives you an excuse to get familiar with all the shot drinks available.

There are many kinds of glassware, from the ones used for formal occasions like champagne flutes to the shot glasses. Friedrich Otto Schott, cofounder of Schott & Genossen glassworks, invented the shot glass. The shot glass was Americanized by Schott Glass to Shot. Some believe that the original shotglass was the small reinforced glass container in which scribes kept their quills after writing.

There is much debate about the size of a shotglass. The standard size for a shot glass in the United States is 11.5 oz. In Europe, they are typically 20-60 ml. There are many names for it. It’s also called a “dose” in Brazil and is sometimes known as a Jigger. The Jigger is made of stainless steel. However, shot glasses can be purchased with logos and in a variety of colors. Tourists and travelers often collect shot glasses to remember their trips.

Begin your celebration of Shot Day with a visit to the bar by inviting your closest and dearest. Take a look at the drinks on offer and choose something that you haven’t tried before. Or ask the bartender to surprise you. Sometimes shots go beyond just pouring a drink into a glass. There’s often a whole art form or performance involved in their creation.

You can also pick up a book, a few basic ingredients, and start your journey to becoming a mixologist if you feel adventurous. There are many recipes for different drinks and hundreds of YouTube tutorials to help you along the way. Shot Day is for everyone, whether you are happy to have someone pour your drink for you or you want to learn how to do it yourself.


Aug 11 2024


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