Show & Tell At Work Day

Show & Tell At Work Day

You may have been a show-and-tell person since kindergarten. Maybe you miss the chance to show off your talents now that you are an adult. We have good news for those who miss the days as kids.

Adults can indulge in Show and Tell at Work Day. Most adults in your office are mature enough to not judge you for doing something they consider inappropriate. You’re grown up, and they have, so it could be much more enjoyable than ever. Even better, you can also include some workplace bonding.

Thomas and Ruth Roy are the creators of, as well as a host of other fun and quirky holidays. Show and Tell at Work Day is a fun way to give adults the same opportunities as elementary school children to show and tell. Who doesn’t love to be proud?

You can probably think up something important or interesting that you would like to share with others. You now have the perfect excuse for bringing it to work and showing it off to your colleagues. They might even be just as interested as you are. Even if they don’t want to, it was worthwhile and you’ll be able to give them a better idea of what next time. Let’s say that you are the only one in your office who knows about Show and Tell at Work Day.

You should inform all your colleagues and friends about this fact. You could bring something to work and talk about it. Or you could send emails or ecards beforehand. E-card companies are good at noticing holidays like these, so you should not have any trouble finding the right ecard. We think you now get the idea. Now, let’s have a show-and-tell with our colleagues.

We’ll remind you that it is important to keep things professional before we close the discussion. We recommend that you do not bring anything sexually or morbid into the office. If you don’t want someone from DHS or the FBI to visit your office tomorrow, then you shouldn’t be displaying that copy of The Anaarchist’s Cookbook. The same applies to any illegal drugs or fraud. A friendly reminder.


Aug 01 2024


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