Sinkie Day

Let’s face the facts, after Thanksgiving, many homes have a kitchen that is ‘No Plates. No Tables. No Service.’ This is why I always eat at the sink on Black Friday. Why make it more difficult?

It’s the morning after Thanksgiving, and the kitchen is a complete wreck. There is no place to cook a meal, as everything is covered with leftovers from dinner.

What does this all mean? You can now eat right over the sink! This is how the sinkie concept was born. People who eat over the sink in the kitchen to reduce cleaning stress.

In 1991, the International Association of People Who Dine Over the Kitchen Sink (IAPWDOTKS) established Sinkie Day. What is a Sinkie? A person who sometimes eats at the sink in the kitchen, which is most of the human population.

It’s important to note that being a Sinkie is more than just eating over the sink. It also includes the habits associated with quick meals.

You’re a Sinkie if you eat from your car’s dashboard, drink milk straight out of the carton, or eat directly from the fridge (typically while putting the unfinished portion back),

A Sinkie doesn’t have to be lazy. It’s all about enjoying finer things without having to sit at a formal table. You can grab a donut at the office, grab a hamburger from your car, or grab your favorite soda from the vending machines. It’s all okay for a Sinkie.

This is the reason Thanksgiving is a favorite Sinkie holiday. Simply grab a roll and add potatoes to it. Then, you can dip the cold turkey into the gravy and then put it in the roll. This can be eaten over the sink, or you can just grab a roll and go!

Sinkie Day is all about letting your culinary hair down. Do not stress about the formalities if you are looking to eat. A bite in time will save nine!

You might be one of those people who eats at the dinner table or makes a proper meal, and then you don’t feel satisfied until the next meal. Sinkie Day is your day off. Grab what you like and munch away.


Nov 25 2024


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