Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday

Customers who are attracted to larger companies often overlook small businesses, which can have a negative impact on the local economy.

In the past half-century, Main Street has been irreversibly damaged by the rise of large chain stores like Walmart and shopping malls. It’s important to remember how important it is to support small local businesses.

Why not celebrate the spirit and courage of entrepreneurship as demonstrated by small-business owners who are willing to take risks in order to follow their dreams?

Politicians often talk about supporting Main Street more than big business. Small business owners often have greater hardships that larger businesses. Small Business Saturday falls during peak shopping times of the year, since it is held the Saturday after Thanksgiving Day.

In the 1960s, the American shopping mall was born. Over the years, large chains have consolidated their position in the retail sector and have replaced smaller family-run businesses.

The model has been replicated all over the globe, with chain retailers gaining market share in many countries. The difference is greatest in countries like the US where small businesses are often destroyed within a year of a large chain retailer opening up shop. In India, as well as much of Southeast Asia and India, small shops coexist because they offer credit. This is something you won’t be able to do at a Walmart or BigBazaar.

The context in the United States is however different. Businesses in developed countries have suffered more from different economic realities and cultural views about small business operations than those in developing countries. Even with all the odds against them, small businesses in America deserve a day of honor.

The concept of Small Business Saturday is relatively new. It was first introduced in Roslindale Village in Massachusetts in 2010. This was an anti-consumerist alternative to Black Friday.

American Express and the non-profit National Trust for Historic Preservation sponsored Small Business Saturday. The day was promoted via advertising, both on social media and traditional media like radio and television. After the American success, Small Business Saturday is now being celebrated in the UK.

Small Business Saturday is a day you may be curious about. You might believe small businesses are gone. You can prove this falsehood by celebrating Small Business Saturday.

You have the option to spend your money locally on this day, rather than at big-box stores at the mall. The best way to support small business is to spend your money there, not elsewhere.

Tell your friends and organize a shopping trip where you shop only at small local businesses. Although you might end up spending more at small businesses than you would in chain stores, it is important to remember that your money spent locally will help the local economy.

Small business owners often find Small Business Saturday a great opportunity to promote their products and services. They can capitalize on increased foot traffic from the holiday shopping season, as well as on their online traffic.

You can promote your small business by running a promotion on the day. Also, post a message to your Facebook page. Small Business Saturday is a great opportunity for small businesses to get a Facebook page and other online presence. Support your local economy and support small businesses by buying things today.


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