Smart is Cool Day

Smart is Cool Day

Smart is Cool Day is the perfect occasion to display your IQ test results. Although it isn’t clear where this tradition originated, the idea of the eggheaded person was brilliant.

Schools often host shows for students and pupils. They invite both talented degree holders and street-smart children to talk to them about why it is important to stay in school. There’s no reason to do that. All you need to know to make smart people cool is to Google Matthew McConaughey, Zach Braff, and Mayim Bialik.

Smart is Cool Day is celebrated by wearing your favorite vintage T-shirt, your corduroys, and checking out Sheldon Cooper‚Äôs latest adventures. Next, take the quiz to see if you can guess what it takes to be a doctor. Next, download the Mensa App and enroll to become a Mensa Member. You can also wear a cap that says “I make smart cool” and post your selfie to the Mensa app. It’s always nice sharing your intellectual gifts with friends.


Oct 22 2024


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