Snow Sculpting Week

Snow Sculpting Week

It is a beautiful thing to see snow create a blank canvas. This is a beautiful thing, for some. Others see it as a chance to create something new and temporary.

Each year, Snow Sculpting Week is held for those who are driven to create complex and beautiful works of art from the temporary snow. Snow Sculpting Week will be here before spring, even though it is not yet the majesty that winter brings.

Over 20 years ago, the US National Snow Sculpting Competition began in Lake Geneva (WI). It was the birth of Snow Sculpting Week. This tradition is still being observed in Lake Geneva, WI every year.

Each year, thousands of artists gather to create temporary and amazing works of art from snow blocks that measure 9 feet high and 8 feet wide.

These creators produce art in a variety of styles, from simple geometric shapes to complex sculptures that cross the line between hyperrealism and pure surrealism.

Snow Sculpting Week, an entire week of celebration centered on these artistic creations, typically includes a variety of fairs, activities and a wide range of snow- and winter-themed foods.

It’s the best way to celebrate Snow Sculpting Week. But, you don’t have stop there.

Once you have enjoyed the festival and tried some local foods, you may want to try your hand at it. Get together a group of artists and some tools to see if you can get involved.

You never know what amazing creations you and your fellow artists will create together. It can be a wonderful experience for all involved. Who knows?

You might be the Snow Sculpting Champion by the end of the year. You can host one in your backyard or local event if you are unable to make it to one.


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