Social Enterprise Day

Social Enterprise Day

What is a social enterprise? It’s an organization that strives to improve the lives and the environment of people, using strategies normally reserved for commercial ventures. They may be for-profit or not. There are many variations of their structure, just like there are business types. Social Enterprise Day is a day that celebrates businesses that serve the community by providing goods or services to those less fortunate around the globe.

Although social enterprise is not a new concept it has evolved with the times just as much as any other commercially-oriented venture. Social enterprises are hardworking to provide support for themselves using non-government or non-state-supported means. They don’t want to place additional burdens on the communities that they support and, thus, largely finance themselves.

Social Enterprise Day takes place on the third Thursday of November as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week. It is a day to raise awareness of social enterprises who are businesses trading for a social or environmental mission, for example, the Big Issue, Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen restaurant and divine Chocolate (for more information on social enterprise visit Social Enterprise UK will run a massive campaign to promote awareness of these incredible organizations and the amazing work they do.

While it is common to believe that social enterprises are not for-profit, this misconception is not universal. Social Enterprise Day encompasses not only those businesses that are not for profit, but also those who choose to approach their positions in their communities with responsibility, and the desire to promote its success.

Social enterprises in the USA help to address social problems by providing services and products for those in need. Good Will is well-known for its ability to hire people in need and provide products and services at a reasonable price. Good Will was actually the institution that started the tradition of thrift shops like the Salvation Army or Visiting Nurses, which hires those in need and provides their products at an affordable price.

It’s easy to celebrate Social Enterprise Day by supporting local businesses that serve the public. Are you looking for old movies or new furniture? Good Will may have something for you. Do you know of any local organizations that you could volunteer or work with to support their philanthropic mission. Social Enterprise Day is an excellent opportunity to learn if you don’t already know!


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