Social Media Giving Day

Social Media Giving Day

Social Media Giving Day is an online holiday celebrated on July 15.

What is it?

Social Media Giving Day was inaugurated by, a platform dedicated to fundraising via Twitter, in 2013. is a St. Louis-based not-for-profit-focused technology platform founded by Chris Sommers. It focuses on encouraging social media users to donate via social networks, namely Twitter. Givver spent 5 months working with elected officials around the country, charitable organizations, and social media influencers to promote the day as a way to use social media for social good and to leverage social media as a means to hashtag “give” to their favorite charity or cause. Governors and Mayors around America declared July 15 “Social Media Giving Day”.

How can you get involved?

Donating with Givver is simple.

All you have to do is sign up and tweet to donate. Your tweet needs to include #give hashtag, Twitter handle of the cause you want to support, and a $ amount you are willing to donate.

Givver provides an opportunity to support a variety of non-profit, educational, and political organizations. The number of Givver organizations is constantly growing.The aim of Social Media Giving Day is to promote social media as a means to support charities and causes by donating and raise public awareness about the importance of fundraising.

So get involved, pay it forward, donate or simply raise awareness #give


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