Social Media Kindness Day

Social Media Kindness Day is a new event that has been set up in honour of the late Love Island UK presenter Caroline Flack, on what would have been her 41st birthday.

In a time where social media plays such a huge part in people’s lives, it’s important to recognise the impact that negative statements and online “trolling”, through any online platform can have on the victims of this type of abuse.

Social Media Kindness Day was started in an attempt to raise awareness on the 9th November for the need to #BEKIND on social media on this and every other day. You can find out out more or pledge your support for this worthwhile event here.

Show Your Support

Get involved by taking a selfie of you doing the love sign. Posting the selfie on social media and tagging in 3 friends with the words:

I’m supporting Social Media Kindness Day with my sign for love. Let’s all play our part to be kinder online. Are you with me [tag friend 1], [tag friend 2], [tag friend 3]? #SocialMediaKindnessDay

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