Sourest Day

Sourest Day

Do you like the pucker? Are you the Sultan of Sour? Are you drawn to the tightness in your stomach when you bite into a lemon? Or do you find Warhead candies the best thing on the planet? You might prefer a milder sour like the lemon-flavored cookies or cakes, or the delicious bite of rhubarb. Perhaps you have a sour personality or know someone with one. Sourest Day will be your new favorite holiday if any of these apply to you. Sourpuss.

There are two kinds of sour in the world. There is the first, and most famous type of sour: those amazing sweets that will make your face go crazy! There are also those with sour attitudes. You can choose how you want to approach this day. Are you going to honor the sweet treats of the world? You can have as many as your heart desires. We won’t reveal your identity! Do you prefer to live in a slumbering fog? You can go all out if you wish. This attitude should not be carried over to the next day. It’s time to get it out!

Richard Ankli, a Michigan resident from Ann Arbor, created this day in 1977. Richard created the date to honor his friend who had the last name ‘Sauer’ and since then, the date has gone from strength-to-strength, with so many people embracing it!

Sourest Day celebrates all things sour in the world. While sour attitudes can be included, we love sour food. We know there are many options for sour food. Let’s start with the fresh, the roasted, and the off-the-vine. We will!

Oranges can be considered a sour, due to their high Vitamin C content. They are one of our favorite fruits! The sourdough lice is a little more sour than the others, but they are great in many drinks, including on tacos. And then there’s lemons, the mainstay of summer drinks and hot teas. None of these can compare to the mouth-puckeringly sweet, but delicious, rhubarb. It’s best eaten straight from the plant.

We also have buttermilk, sour cream and sauerkraut, which are all delicious. These are all great, but none can compare to the worst creations of our sour-loving relatives: the sour candy. The Sourpatch Kids candy is a delight for those who have a mild tolerance of sour. These gummy candies are coated in crystal citric acid which is what makes Lemons sour. The Sourpatch Kids candies are only the beginning. For true sour connoisseurs, there are the Warhead candies. These candy are so strong that they had to reduce their original sourness! That’s how it should be!

Sourest Day can be celebrated by enjoying all your favorite sour foods and perhaps, just for fun, having the most miserable attitude possible. Do you know someone who is a Debbie-downer or has a really bad attitude? To show them that they are not all bad, give them a basket of sour foods.

There are many other ways to celebrate Sourest Day. Enjoying a whiskey sour is one of our favourite things to do. This cocktail is a great choice if you’re a fan of sour flavors and have never tried it before. This cocktail requires lemon zest, ice and egg white. Although egg whites may seem strange in a cocktail, we assure you that they taste nothing like eggs! This ingredient is actually added to give the cocktail a smooth texture. We promise it is delicious!

You can also indulge in many other sour dishes on this day. You are probably familiar with the sweets you can buy in shops today. You can make the theme your dinner. What about Sweet and Sour Chicken? For those who love Asian cuisine, this classic Chinese dish is a favorite. You can also make Sweet and Sour with prawns or other meats. Or you could go completely vegetarian. The sauce is what really matters.

You can also use dark muscovado, malt vinegar and garlic cloves if you need a quick fix. Many people add onions, red peppers, pineapple and red bell peppers to their recipes. Invite your friends and enjoy a meal together with whiskey sours. This is a great excuse to gather your friends and showcase your cooking skills. You should try to smile at your guests if you decide to go this route.


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