Sprinkle Day

Sprinkle Day

Sprinkles can make life better, and any child will tell you that. Sprinkles are a delightful addition to cakes, cupcakes, and ice cream.

Sprinkles can be used in many other ways, so sprinkles day is about sharing your knowledge and encouraging you to try them at home.

As with all sprinkles, they have an origin point. We are fortunate that we can trace their history back to some of their first appearances. Although they were initially called Nonpareils, evidence suggests that they were used even earlier.

They have become more and more popular over the years, with a growing variety of flavors being available in many countries. These delicious decorations, which are also known as Nonpareils (no one uses them), have many names around the globe. They’re called hagelslag in Holland, Jimmies in Boston and Philadelphia, meses in Indonesia, and muizenstrontjes in Belgium.

Fairy bread is a New Zealand and Australia-based treat that uses candy sprinkles. It’s made with buttered white bread with sugar sprinkles.

Sprinkles Day can be celebrated by simply putting sprinkles on everything! Have oatmeal for breakfast? Add some sugar sprinkles! Have you ever had a muffin for lunch? Sprinkles are a great addition! You can make a huge Ice Cream Sundae as a dessert. Sprinkles are a great way to give it color. Fairy bread is a great way to introduce your children to a new snack that’s global. If you are not in Australia, it is a snack. Sprinkles can make your day better. Grab a container of sprinkles and get to work!


Jul 23 2024


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