St. Nicholas Day

St. Nicholas Day

St Nicolas Day in the West is observed on December 6, although it is celebrated in East Christian countries on the 19th. You may not know the name of St Nicolas, but you will likely know about his American Santa Claus or British Father Christmas. These two saints give out their gifts on Christmas Day; this one gives them out on Christmas Day.

Saint Nicolas was actually a Turkish man who was born during the Roman Empire. He lived a Christian life from an early age. His reputation is that he was a very generous soul who cared for children and helped the sick and poor when he could.

Although we couldn’t find the exact date when St Nicolas Day was first established, it appears that the day has been observed since a long time to honor the saint who would be the foundation for Santa Claus.

According to records, St Nicolas was famous for giving small, secret gifts, usually money. He was known to have left coins in his shoes, which would result in the Christmas stocking that we hang on our mantelpieces.

St Nicolas Day is celebrated all over the world with feasts, parades, and even festivals. Many children across Europe will be surprised with presents this day. It is also a good excuse for grown-ups to open a few bottles of alcohol.

There is an evil counterpart to St Nicolas in certain parts of the world. In Austria, Czech Republic, and Hungary the demonic Krampus threatens to capture and sack the children and carry them to fiery damnation. This is quite a stark contrast to the kind and gentle St Nic.

Join hundreds of thousands of people around the globe to honor this saint by hanging up a stocking or leaving a shoe out so St Nicholas can fill it in the night. You can surprise your family members with a surprise on the 6th. Pop some chocolate coins into their pockets, or just get together your loved ones to raise a glass in the spirit of generosity and good cheer.


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