St. Urho’s Day

St. Urho’s Day

The immigration of cultures from other countries is a key part of America’s history. These kinds of cultures are celebrated on a variety of holidays in the United States. The Finnish have many traditions that are proud of their heritage. One of these holidays is about St. Urho. This holiday can be celebrated by anyone. Let’s find out more about its history and how to celebrate it no matter your tradition. Urho is a unique character. According to legend, Urho chased grasshoppers out Finland, shouting at them “Grasshoppers! Go to Hell!” He saved the vineyards from being destroyed, and also saved the workers’ jobs. All of this was done while drinking sour milk, fish soup, and fortifying the wine with fish soup. He was a hero from this incident. It sounds a lot like St. Patrick. He is the Finnish saint of Ireland, and Minnesota has statues depicting him holding large grasshoppers to honor his sacrifice. People wear purple and green to celebrate St. Urho’s sacrifice and drink wine. He is a story that was born out of pure fascination and humor. According to many sources, Richard Mattson, a Virginia-based department store owner, was the original author of the story. Richard Mattson, a Virginia, MN, department store owner, is believed to have created the character with some friends. Sulo Havumaki (Finnish resident in Bemidji), also claims that St. Urho’s stories were part of his local identity. He is credited with changing the themes from grasshoppers to plague. Wear purple and green if you want to celebrate this holiday. Talk to people about St. Urho’s story and why it is so interesting. If you are feeling adventurous, consider taking a trip to Minnesota to visit the statues in Bemidji and Virginia. You can share this holiday on your favorite social media sites and tell others about St. Urho to see what response you get.


Mar 16 2024


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