Steve Jobs Day

Steve Jobs Day

Have an iPad? What about an iPhone? Do you want to be like the millions of Mac owners who live a simple, stress-free lifestyle? Steve Jobs is the man who made it possible. The Apple products are trusted by musicians and artists. Steve Jobs Day honors the extraordinary innovator that he is and all that he has done to change the world we live in.

The Governor of California established Steve Jobs Day in honor of the great innovator. He died in October 2011. This is the beginning of the story. Instead, let’s start at the beginning. Jobs was born in Germantown (Wisconsin). Wealth seems to run in the family. Jobs’ biological father was a self-made millionaire who had no college education. It seems that Jobs’ place in the world is a result of this particular gene. However, Jobs was raised by James Dean, a Calvinist who was sometimes abusive.

This doesn’t mean Jobs didn’t have a significant influence on his life. He was a positive influence and Jobs especially valued the craftsmanship of his stepfather. Jobs developed a love for electronics at the age of 10, thanks to his love of helping his father with handy-crafts. This was the beginning of Apple’s creation in 1976. Jobs resigned with $7 million. He then founded NeXT computers.

Many Apple Users today don’t realize that Apple and its brand were in serious decline before Jobs returned. The iPod would bring it back to the forefront. It was then i-everything. Steve died after losing his battle with Pancreatic Cancer.

Steve Jobs Day is a great excuse to visit an Apple Store and get the kool-aid. You can pay your respects to him, as he has done so much for the world.


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