Stop Food Waste Day

Stop Food Waste Day is an international event to combat food waste, which is a growing and serious problem. Each year, around one-third of all food worldwide is lost or wasted.

Compass Group, the global leader of foodservice, launched the event in 2017. Consumers, corporations, and influencers from +30 Compass countries joined forces to raise awareness about the food waste crisis and inspire change.

Food waste is a serious problem around the globe due to lack of knowledge about how to use and preserve food. However, food waste can be stopped.

Stop Food Waste Day is a day dedicated to reducing food waste and changing the statistics. The holiday hopes to eventually help those in greatest need get the food they require and prevent landfills from overflowing.

Compass Group, one the largest foodservice companies in the world, started Stop Food Waste Day in 2017. It is a global event that celebrates restaurants, cafes and hospitals. Compass Group has committed to reducing food wastage by 25 percent by 2020.

It is part of the organization’s mission to make a positive difference on the environment, people and food system. In North America, they serve 9.8 millions meals per day. Compass Group helps chefs track and reduce their waste to focus their efforts. They aim to donate more that 250,000 pounds of food annually to local food banks.

Today, globally, around 45% of root crops, fruits, and vegetables are lost each year, as well as 33% worldwide. These numbers indicate that there is a serious food waste problem worldwide.

Stop Food Waste Day is an initiative to raise awareness about food waste and to provide practical solutions for how people grow, buy, farm, and use food. They believe that 25% of the food produced worldwide could be used to feed 795,000,000 hungry people.

Stop Food Waste Day aims to improve the use of leftovers so that people can get the most out of the food they eat.

Look up easy recipes that make the most of leftovers and fresh produce to show your support. To help save food, make a list before you go to the grocery store.

Make a habit of freezing leftovers. Wash wilted veggies in warm water for five to ten minutes. For long-lasting freshness, make sure you get as much air out of food before freezing it. Attend a Compass Group event in your area to further this cause.

Schedule interviews, cook demonstrations, and share recipes with people to help them understand the importance of reducing food waste.

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