Summer Tire Changeover Month

Summer Tire Changeover Month

These quotes are a reminder of how important cars can be in our lives. They provide transportation, escape, recreation, as well as the vehicle that is used to transport some of our most important events. They are a right to passage and a source of freedom that was previously unavailable to us when we first bought our first car. Summer Tire Changeover Month reminds you that it is important to change your tires twice per year in order to keep this vital part of your life healthy, hale and on the road.

The history of tires goes back a long way. The first tires were made from leather and used on bicycles, carts, and wagons. The patent for the first pneumatic or air-based tire was filed in 1847. It was never produced. Although many versions of these tires would be produced over the years, they would not have the same design. It would take the invention and widespread acceptance of synthetic rubber to make pneumatic tires commonplace. There are thousands of tire designs out there today, but for most people there are only two.

The tread cut and other design factors can help determine which conditions a tire is most suitable for. Most people have separate sets of tires for Summer and Winter. Each tire is designed to handle the seasonal variations. It’s the perfect time to switch from winter tires to summer tires during Summer Time Changeover Month. This will give you the best grip possible on the roads and prolong the life of your tires.

It’s easy to celebrate Summer Tire Changeover Month. You just need to change one set of tires. If you’re looking for a more thorough approach, you can take both sets to a specialist to have them inspect the tires to determine how long the tread is left and any damage. This type of maintenance will ensure that your tires last as long as possible.


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