Superhuman Day

Over the years, people who have had to deal with disability in any form have been subject to a stigma. These people have often been treated as if they are less capable of accomplishing amazing, and dare we say, Superhuman, things by society.

People who overcome disabilities should not be viewed as “less than”, but rather as something that is far more than average. They might be truly and truly Superhuman!

Superhuman Day is a celebration and awareness day for the thousands of athletes and musicians, artists, and everyday citizens who have overcome what was once a crippling limitation, and gone on to prove that “Yes, I Can”.

It’s time for Superhuman Day to be celebrated!

Superhuman Day was created by Channel 4, a British television network free to air that is committed to providing high-quality programming.

Channel 4 was appointed official broadcaster of the Paralympics in 2016 to highlight the amazing athletes who competed at the Summer Paralympic Games. They immediately began bringing these unheralded heroes and champions of great human achievements into the spotlight.

Their advertising campaign, “We’re The Superhumans”, featured 140 people with disabilities working to change society‚Äôs attitude towards them. People with ‘bionic’ legs or who can use wheels to move their legs should probably be considered beyond the human race!

Although the Paralympics were established in 1948, they have not been called that since then. The Paralympics was created to allow World War II Veterans with Spinal Injuries the opportunity to compete in an athletic event. The games were known as the “1948 International Wheelchair games” at that time.

The Paralympics became an official organization in 1960. It was no longer open to WWII veterans. That event saw 400 athletes representing 23 countries competing. It grew quickly to 1600 athletes representing 40 countries just a few years later, in 1976.

In 1988, Seoul, South Korea was host to one of the most memorable and important events in the Paralympics. The Paralympics took place in 1988, right after the Olympic Summer Games. They were both held in the same city and used the same facilities. It was thrilling for Paralympics participants that they were following the example of Olympians who had just competed in the same area.

This tradition was established by the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) and the International Olympic Committee (IOC). It has continued since.

People who have a disabled family member or friend should encourage them to achieve their incredible achievements. Human bodies are capable of amazing things. The challenges faced by people with disabilities just prove that. Encourage family members and friends to recognize their “superhumanness” and to show appreciation.

You can find musicians, archers and craftsmen, painters and other people from all walks of life who don’t let their disabilities stop them.

Check out the Channel 4 video that started all this! Access may also be available on YouTube and other media outlets.

You will be amazed at the skill of a drummer who can’t use his hands and drums with his feet. A dancer that is reminiscent Frank Sinatra, a guitarist who has no arms or a wheelchair-racer who could rival Evil Knievel. This talent and dedication are a marvel to see and an inspiration for those who also work to overcome adversity.

You might also have the opportunity to donate to the Paralympics or Special Olympics, or any other charity that supports people with disabilities.


Jul 09 2024


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