Supernatural Day

Supernatural Day

The first season of Supernatural aired on ‘The WB’ in 2005. It featured Sam and Dean Winchester’s adventures as they set out to find their mother’s killer and the place where their father went. It also sparked an obsession for Supernatural fans. They fell in love and shared their experiences on the Road So Far. Supernatural Day is dedicated towards bringing together those fans to celebrate the Winchesters’ love for the Supernatural Verse.

The history of Supernatural goes back far beyond the production. It was created by Eric Kripke and his fascination with urban legends. He had originally intended to present Supernatural as a movie. But, the fans were not happy with the decision. He presented the series as a series for many years until someone took an interest. Fans will probably be happy with this change, considering the original concepts featured both an anthology series that contained disconnected stories and a group tabloid reporters who battled demons to find the truth.

We can all agree that Sam and Dean’s amazing car is better than the original. It was worth the wait. It perfectly fits his original idea of a “road trip story”, a unique American concept that involved traveling across the country, going from small towns to large. It was actually the brother angle that sold the show. The idea of reporters left The WB executives unimpressed.

Supernatural Day can be celebrated by gathering a few of your closest friends and starting a marathon to go through all 12 seasons. It’s worth taking a few extra days to complete it. It’s quite the journey and it has been long. Keep salt in your bag!


Sep 13 2024


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