Susan B. Anthony Day

Susan B. Anthony Day is observed annually on February 15 in the USA. This day commemorates the birth of Susan Brownell Anthony, an American social reformer who played a leading role in women’s suffrage movement as well as a vigorous opponent of slavery.

Susan Brownell Anthony was born on February 15, 1820 to a Quaker family. Inspired and driven from a young age, she started to collect anti-slavery petitions when she was 17. By the time she was the age of 36 she became the New York State agent for the American Anti-Slavery Society. Women’s suffrage began in the 1840s, when it emerged from the movement for women’s rights. The first two national suffrage organizations were established in 1869. One of the organizations was led by Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton. The leader of the other organization was Lucy Stone. In 1890, after years of rivalry the two companies merged as National American Woman Suffrage Association and Anthony became its leader.

Susan B. Anthony was an established politician in a time when very few women had a voice at all, becoming one the United States most senior political figures. Fighting inequality became her primary focus and she worked tirelessly to change the vision for the county and in the process defined history. The legacy of her lifes’ work lives on and perhaps the vision she fought for and the message she spread is even more paramount in today’s society.

However, despite the historic importance of her work, Susan B. Anthony Day is not celebrated on national level. It is a state holiday only in some states of America: Wisconsin, Florida, West Virginia, California and New York. Representative Carolyn Maloney of New York introduced the act to honor birthday of Susan B. Anthony as a national holiday on the third Monday in February, but the bill was not enacted.


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