Suspender’s Day

Suspender’s Day

What can you wear if your pants are too tall to allow for a belt? If you have pants that are so large it is almost comical, a belt will not be enough. It’s time for a formal event. A pair of elegant suspenders, slung over your shoulders, is the perfect way to make formal events look formal. The Suspender’s Day is a day to remember the style and elegance of the well-loved suspender. It is now 1820 and a new version is being developed. Although suspenders have been around for over 300 years, the modern, sleek, stylish and handsome suspender has yet to be created. Albert Thurston was the one who introduced this fashion trend into modern times. In the 1920’s, pants were so popular that a belt was impossible to wear. 50 years later, Samuel Clemens, also known as Mark Twain, was granted a patent for the universally-wearable garments. These suspenders were used almost everywhere under a waistcoat at the time. This led to a shift towards belts in 1930’s, when the waistcoat was no longer fashionable. The male suspender was considered to be the same underwear as the women’s suspenders. They are not used in modern fashion, however, as they are often worn with formal suits or tuxedos. These strapping accessories are a must-have accessory, unless you’re a hipster. You can be as crazy and wild as you like. Grab some buttons and pins to really emphasize the point. Make sure to show off your love for suspenders by bringing back Celebrate Suspender’s Day.


Oct 20 2024


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