Take Your Child To The Library Day

Take Your Child To The Library Day

Did you ever feel a warm welcome at the library when you were a kid? You were excited to discover a new adventure in the next stack of books. You felt like you had finally mastered the Dewey Decimal System. Was it the scent of the printed pages that kept you coming back to the books? These are memories that are rarely shared with children today, as almost everything can be found online. It’s the ideal opportunity for your child to close their eyes and recall these memories on Take Your Child To The Library Day

Caitlin Augusta and Nadine Lipman are the co-chairpersons for Take Your Child To The Library Day Intutive. Nadine came up with the idea of a fun way for the community to learn about the library and the events and resources that it offers. In 2011, the first day of celebration was held. Since then, libraries across the country have been added to the list. You can go to the main website by heading to http://takeyourchildtothelibrary.blogspot.com.

You can learn more about the day and how to celebrate it. Libraries have struggled for funding over the years and had to find creative ways to raise funds. This is a great opportunity to host events that will help the library stand out in the community. Some even go as far as to celebrate a whole week, instead of just one day.

Follow the instructions in the title to celebrate this day. Take your child to the library! Take the whole family along to discover what your local library offers. Many libraries have both digital and printed materials. There may also be music and movies available.

The children’s section has books for all ages. No matter where you live, there will be the same favorite authors as your youth. Get Dr. Seuss and Clifford books, as well as Mother Goose and many other titles! Ask your librarian if you can’t find it. To bridge the transition between chapter books and children’s stories, young adults often have their own section. Here you will find newer classics such as Harry Potter and Twilight.

You may be able to find book sales, storytellers and other activities at your library if they are participating in the celebrations. There is no substitute for a local library that helps educate our children. Celebrate Take Your Child To The Library Day to give your children the same warm memories you have.


Apr 02 2025


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