Take Your Webmaster to Lunch Day

Take Your Webmaster to Lunch Day

Is this website something you are enjoying right now? Do you own one? Are you enjoying the ease of having an online presence that customers can use to make purchases or submit inquiries? It’s a beautiful online display that you are proud of, and it seems to do everything you need. You can take your webmaster to lunch day to remind you that this would not be possible without him, who wrangles complex lines of code to make your company’s most important face.

Thomas Roy is another name and voice that fans of American television and film will recognize. He had an engaging acting career and also created 80 holiday specials with his wife. To honor the people who made this world possible, Take Your Webmaster to Lunch Day was created.

They strive to stay current with the latest technology every year, making sure that our favorite hobbies, games and businesses are always accessible with modern interfaces and stylings. When smart phones were first introduced, all the websites that could be viewed on a desktop were available. Your Webmaster turned this around and designed a new style for your mobile device. The internet wouldn’t be as attractive without these code-hackers. Or we would still be using hacked-together text websites. Imagine what a wonderful world this would make!

All it takes is a sincere thank you. Recognize them for their hard work and that you probably wouldn’t be able to do what they do every single day. The works they create are the result of years of research and hours of hacking and experimentation. You should check with HR if you don’t know the name of your webmaster so that you can properly thank them. Are you not employed in an office? You can send a thank-you email to your favorite webmasters and include a Prepaid Visa Card. It might even remind them to eat, who knows?


Jun 07 2025


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