Talk Like a Pirate Day

Talk Like a Pirate Day

Yar harrr! Ahoy there, ye lily-livered blaggards! Talk Like a Pirate Day is upon us, which means that it’s time to pillage and drink rum!

In recent years, pirates have been all the rage. Out of this particular fascination, came an insane, completely pirate-oriented idea: a day should be dedicated to keeping alive the piratical language and, more importantly the tradition of all things pirates.

So Talk Like a Pirate Day was created. Now it’s time for all the pirate talk you can muster in one day.

It was June 6, 1995 and a group racquetball players were at Albany, Oregon. They were encouraging each other all the time. They started shouting piratical slang to each other that day for unknown reasons. It took on a life all its own and they realized that it was essential that they create a holiday that encourages the use of fine vernacular. They needed a date. It just so happened that his ex-wife was born on the date chosen.

They celebrated this holiday for seven years in relative anonymity until they came across Dave Barry’s email address. He was a syndicated columnist who also wrote a lot of books. He was also funny, as any pirate should be. It was all history when Dave Barry promoted the holiday and it has been an amazing year as people across the country celebrate this auspicious holiday.

This day will be full of laughter and fun. It’s a fun day so make sure you have all the pirate-like silliness! These are some ideas to enjoy Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Ahoy, Matey! It might not be as easy as one would think to apply the celebration in this obvious way. Who knows what pirates actually sound like when they talk? Some phrases, such as “landlubber” and “pillage”, are well-known. Others are more difficult to comprehend. This vocabulary and lingo will help novice pirate-talkers get started.

Even those who live on the land can use their imaginations to imagine different pirates and their adventures. Stories about pirates, from the classic to the modern, are sure to be thrilling and exciting! Reading books about pirates is a great way to improve your Talk Like a Pirate Day vocabulary.

These classic pirate novels are a great place to start:

Not into reading? That’s okay! Many films have been made about pirates so that people and groups can spend hours listening to all the pirate-speak.

With 6 movies in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, it can be a lot of work. For a unique and inspiring experience, you can try Captain Phillips, Tom Hanks’ modern-day pirate tale.

Talking like a pirate can be as simple as a day in tropic! You just need to learn pirate-speak, make sure to have some fruity drinks that come with umbrellas, and then get together with your friends to celebrate in your best piratey attire. There are many songs to be sang and wenches that need to be clenched. But who can resist a backyard barbecue featuring grilled pineapple and salmon made by walking the plank and perhaps an inappropriately high amount of pure sugarcane rum. Talk Like A Pirate Day is coming, are you ready for it? It’s the best day to do it!


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