Tangible Karma Day

Tangible Karma Day

It is used in as many different ways across cultures and religions. All of these statements refer to one truth about the universe: “Do unto other as you would have them do to me”, “You reap what your sow”, and “What goes around comes around”. You will get back what you put into the world.

Tangible Karma allows you to help yourself and others by giving away items in your home that are no longer needed. Karma is a way to expect all of it to return to you.

Amber Nicole Dilger founded Tangible Karma in 2005. Her idea was to reuse and recycle. Their website allows you to donate goods and track their use to help others.

Amber understood that clutter can lead to a cluttered lifestyle, which can cause anxiety and a lack of calm.

This, combined with her conviction that the Earth is sacred and she must protect it, led to her understanding that recycling resources was a great way for her to take care of our home.

Tangible Karma Day was created to bring awareness to these issues and to encourage others to join her efforts to protect the Earth, its resources and the future for all who live here.

She is able to continue her work with Tangible Karma, and with New Wind Energy(r) and other teams she works with, and share the benefits with everyone.

There are many great ways to celebrate the spreading of Karma, love. A small group of people gathering at your home is the best way to celebrate the coming of people from all over the globe.

You can organize a house party, and everyone should come prepared with something to give. If you feel more active about helping the community, you could also volunteer at a shelter. These communities serve those who are going through difficult or often traumatic times in their lives.

Tangible Karma Day gives us the opportunity to give back and help others around the world. We even get an immediate reward, the feeling that we have done something good for someone in need.


Jan 04 2025


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