Tartan Day

Tartan Day is a Scottish heritage celebration on 6 April. This day is the date when the Declaration of Arbroath signing took place in 1320. On this day, Scotland got its independence from England, and they were capable of using military action when attacked.

On 6 April 2004, in Scotland, Angus Council, whose area includes Arbroath, organised the first-ever Tartan Day festival. It has since joined the other regional councils in trying to promote its potential as a worldwide celebration.

Although this day is a Scottish custom, it is celebrated in other countries as well. In 1982, ad hoc event was seen in New York City. Later in the nineties, the modern form of the observation spread to other Scottish diaspora communities. Today, Argentina, the United States, New Zealand, Canada as well as Scotland celebrate the Tartan Day.

In Australia, the same International Tartan Day takes place on 1 July, which is the anniversary of the Act of Proscription repeal in 1747 that banned tartan wearing. Typically, Tartan Days have Highland dancing, parades of pipe bands plus other Scottish-themed events.

Argentina has approximately 100,000 people of Scottish ancestry, the largest such community that is outside the world of people who speak English as their first language. The parade of Scottish porteños Tartan Day was introduced in Buenos Aires, the Capital city of Argentina, on 6 April 2006.

The Scottish Argentine Society organises the event every year. A symbolic key to Arbroath Abbey gate is carried, marking the date in 1320, which inspired this celebration. The day is celebrated in Newzealand on a local basis and takes place on 1 July or the nearest Sunday.


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