Thank You Day

Sunday 5th June is the country’s biggest ever thank you party.

Starting from just 13 individuals proposing a Thank You Day, the idea is now supported by hundreds of organisations across the country, ranging from the Scouts and Guides to Rotary and the Royal Voluntary Service, NHS, The Mirror and the Sun, the Football Association and the Church of England.

It’s got the backing of celebrities, religious leaders and sports stars, local councils and schools, businesses and communities throughout the UK.

The aim is for as many people as possible to be involved, however they would like, so everyone who deserves it gets a thank you – and the whole of the UK gets together.

There isn’t a strict plan for the day (the idea is to say thank you however you want!) but people are already organising lots of activities which we can all join in with and support.

Chain Of Thanks
The England football team, joined by a host of other celebrities, are starting a ‘Chain of Thank Yous’. Join them to post and record a video to say thank you to whoever deserves it. Who will you thank?

Take a moment to share your thank you on social media for Thank You Day, Sunday 5th June. Get inspired by this amazing video and take part in our Chain Of Thank You’s with three easy steps:

1.Post your thank you message/video on social media

2.Nominate and tag someone to create a chain of thanks

3.Use #ThankYouDay in your post

Let’s make gratitude and kindness go viral and connect the UK for the biggest every party!

Join the Chain of thanks on Tik Tok

Join Tik Tok influencer India Sasha in sharing your ‘thank you’ with whoever deserves it in your life. India wants to thank her housemates, who will you thank?

Follow her simple instructions to upload your video on Tik Tok.  Let’s make saying thank you go viral for Thank You Day!

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