Thanksgiving 2022 is observed on November 24th and we all know what it is right?

Just in case you don’t, here is some information about it!

Thanksgiving in the USA can be dated back as far as 1621 ( some will say earlier) when a group of pilgrims shared a feast with Native Americans by way of celebrating what had been a fruitful harvest. The previous years harvest had been a disaster with many of the pilgrims starving to death. The members of the Native American tribe kindly demonstrated to the remaining pilgrims how to tend the land to ensure crops would grow, catch fish and generally become self sufficient. From this, the first Thanksgiving was born.

With roots in religious and cultural traditions, the day is also classed as a secular occasion and is an opportunity to give thanks for what you have. It is usually seen as the start of the festive season with celebrations often grand and prolonged, with many celebrating Thanksgiving more so than Christmas. Many take the opportunity to get together with friends and family with many family and historical traditions observed; from parades, turkeys cooked, turkeys pardoned, pumpkin pie and a days or two holiday- whats not to love?

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!


Nov 24 2024


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