Tolkien Reading Day

Tolkien Reading Day

J.R.R. is one of the most popular fantasy writers of our time. J.R.R. Tolkien created a magical world that was filled with action and suspense, but also with heart, soul and emotional strength. Tolkien Reading Day was established to encourage people reading the brilliant author.

John Ronald Reuel Tolkien, an English poet, writer, translator and Oxford professor in the 20th century, was John Ronald Reuel Tolkien. His books, The Lord of the Rings (and later The Hobbit), are his most well-known works. He also wrote poetry, stories for children, and academic papers. His son released some of his less-known stories that were not published after his death.

Tolkien Reading Day was established by The Tolkien Society to encourage more people to read the books and to show them that there’s more to Tolkien to it than The Lord of the Rings.

The First Tolkien Reading Day was originally planned for 2002. However, it didn’t actually happen until March 25, 2003. The reason is that a New York journalist inquired if there had been a Tolkien Reading Day in January 2002. The society loved the idea and adopted it. They were unable to prepare anything so the public appearance was delayed until next year.

To celebrate the reading day, the Tolkien Society selected March 25th to commemorate the Downfall of Sauron (ruler of Mordor) and other evil characters.

Tolkien Reading Day celebrations can be as easy as the name suggests. Simply pick up a story, book, or poem from the author and get reading! These are some other ways to make the day memorable:

Visit the library to browse the many books about or written by Tolkien. Tolkien Reading Day, while some longer novels may not be possible to read in one sitting, is still a great way to make a start.

Other than the well-known The Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit books, there are also shorter offerings from the author in collections of poems or short stories like:

To find out if there will be events related to this day, check out your local school, library, literary society, reading room, or school. Readings and discussions are the most common activities. However, some groups go so far as reenacting scenes from The Lord of the Rings books. This is similar to performing a scene in a play.

The Tolkien Society provided information packs, bookmarks, and posters to schools participating in the event over the years. You can also get posters free of charge for libraries and the general population who are hosting events on the 25th, or at a time that is convenient to you.

If there isn’t an event in your area, you might consider hosting one using resources from The Tolkien Society.

This suggestion may not be appreciated by die-hard readers, but it is possible for non-readers to see Tolkien’s films. The films do take some liberties with the books, so it is important to note this. They may not be the best way for you to learn about his work but they can be a great way to introduce someone to him.

You might consider watching these Hollywood films on Tolkien Day.

If you are interested in this author’s writings, it is worth getting together your friends, family, or coworkers to start a book club. The club can be started as long as everyone has a copy. You just need to agree to read a few chapters in advance, and then meet up every week or two weeks for those who are really busy. You can have a discussion about the book by asking questions. It’s a wonderful way to learn more about literature and to meet new people.


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