Tourettes Awareness Day

Tourettes Awareness Day

Tourettes Awareness Day is on 7th June and aims to raise awareness about Tourette Syndrome and bring together those living with the condition.

Tourette Syndrome is a neurological condition that is more common in boys than girls and affects approximately one school-aged child in a hundred. The most recognisable symptom of Tourettes are the tics, involuntary sounds or movements that it produces. Many people with Tourette’s also suffer from co-curring conditions such as ADHD, OCD and anxiety. In the UK there are over 300,000 people living with the condition.

In previous years, people were asked to Move for TS. In this fundraising campaign, supporters chose their own activity challenge, paid a registration fee of £10 for adults or £5 for children and then when the challenge was completed they received a TA medal and certificate. All proceeds raised go to supporting Tourette Awareness.

A large social media campaign will be taking place on the day, supporters of the campaign are asked to change their profile picture to the Tourettes awareness twibbon‚and taking selfies with one eye blinking (a common tic) and posting online with the hashtag #TSelfie

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