Transgender Day of Rembrance

The Transgender Day of Remembrance or International Transgender Day of Remembrance is a day that is held annually on the 20th November to memorialise those individuals who have been murdered as a result of transphobia. It also aims to draw attention to the violence that is carried out towards many in the transgender community.

The Transgender Day of Remembrance was established in 1999 when transgender advocate Gwendolyn Anne Smith arranged a vigil as a memorial to transgender woman Rita Hester killed in 1998. Initially a small local event it has grown to be an internationally recognised annual event, with events held in 185 cities across 20 countries.

Now supported and promoted by GLAAD, the awareness campaign receives much media coverage and support from transgender advocates. With candlelit vigils held where the names of those who have lost their lives are read out, and marches taking place in communities across the world along with many other events, there is plenty to get involved with. This is an opportunity to remember those we have lost in such horrific circumstances, come together to overcome divisions in our community, heal and grieve with other people affected by this terrible issue and attempt to find a way to educate those who are transphobic.

Visit the GLAAD website where there is ideas for arranging your own awareness event, along with many more statistics, information and information about Transgender Awareness Week.


Nov 20 2024


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