Turkey Free Thanksgiving

Turkey Free Thanksgiving

Except for one day, most people don’t eat as much turkey. This holiday is Thanksgiving. Many people would not consider turkey as an option.

Even though it is a departure from tradition, turkey-free Thanksgiving can still be a great way to celebrate this American holiday. Let’s find out what Turkey-Free Thanksgiving means and how to change your dinner routine.

Turkey was not originally part of traditional Thanksgiving meals. Historians believe that turkey might not have been served at the first Thanksgiving. This event occurred in New England, November 1621. It was when the Pilgrims arrived and the Wampanoag Indians celebrated the autumn harvest.

Turkey was abundant, but ducks, geese and pigeons were the most common fowl. Smithsonian historians believe wildfowl, venison and other foods were among the first to be served at Thanksgiving.

How did America come to accept turkey as its primary food? Based on the New England harvests, turkey was introduced more extensively in the 19th Century. Because they loved the bird, local cooks would adapt their recipes.

Turkey is larger than other birds and can be fed a large family. What about the idea of eating no turkey? This idea was inspired by current movements like vegetarians and cruelty-free activists who are concerned about how much bird we consume each day.

Although turkey is the most popular holiday, you can also choose from other options, such as porchetta, Cornish chickens, prime rib and roasted duck.

It is a great way to participate in the holiday without having to eat turkey. Switch to duck, chicken, or goose this holiday. You can also have a prime rib, or beef tip if you don’t wish to eat a bird.

You want to try something new? You can try turducken, or seafood as your main dish. If you like the change of pace, hashtag #turkeyfreethanksgiving on social media and share with your friends how delicious your meal is this year.


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