Umbrella Cover Day

Umbrella Cover Day

Umbrella covers can be described as the sleeves, slipcovers and sheaths that are attached to new umbrellas after they have been purchased. They are made of the same material that the umbrella and can be a neat bit of packaging but they can sometimes slow down the umbrella’s release speed in a sudden rain shower. They are a controversial piece of umbrella apparel and a waste of material. This ambiguity is what inspired the creation of a Guinness World Record and a museum dedicated to umbrella covers.

Your umbrella cover may have been purchased in the middle of a spring shower or before it got wet. Umbrella Cover Day is a celebration of the stories behind umbrella covers. We encourage you to grab your umbrella covers and start digging out the bottoms of drawers and backs of cabinets. Umbrella covers have many practical uses. You can store your plastic utensils, pencils and makeup in them. These covers can be used to decorate your home or as ear warmers for pets.


Jun 07 2025


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