Universal Hour of Peace

Universal Hour of Peace

Establish your intention and focus on building peaceful relationships locally, nationally, and internationally throughout the year. Start the year on the right track by paying attention to the Universal Hour of Peace and observing it.

The Universal Hour of Peace begins 30 minutes before midnight on New Year’s Eve, and ends at 12:30 AM on January 1. It is celebrated in every time zone. This makes it a 24 hour day of celebration around the globe.

Over the past two decades, people and groups from all walks of life have come together to promote peace and call for peace. The first Universal Hour of Peace, which Dr. Barabara Condron of the School of Metaphysics created, was held in 1995.

The first year of celebrations was held on October 24, which coincided with the 50th anniversary the United Nations. However, the next year the day moved to December 31 and January 1 where it has been celebrated every year since.

You can join the celebration of peace and unity at the Universal Hour of Peace, which is celebrated in all time zones across the globe.

A peace vigil is a great place to commemorate the Universal Hour of Peace, whether you are only interested in participating for a short time or if you want to make it a more meaningful experience. Each year, the School of Metaphysics organizes peace vigils in different cities across the United States.

You might join a group that is taking a silent retreat or engage in personal meditation. You can also organize a peace vigil with friends by inviting them to quiet contemplation. The Universal Hour of Peace is a great time to gather with others who have been practicing meditation for years, or are just starting out.

These quotes can be shared on social media or read aloud at a New Year’s Eve party. Perhaps a quote will encourage them to think more clearly or to take action in the name peace.

These are some quotes that you might want to remember for the Universal Hour of Peace.


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