Universal Human Rights Month

Universal Human Rights Month

There have been many instances of wanton cruelty throughout history. People have been treated as animals or worse, regardless of their skin color, nationality, religion or simply because they live under the rule of another country.

Universal Human Rights Month reminds us of the 1948 date when the United Nations General Assembly established the fundamental human rights for all people on Earth.

The Allies set four goals during World War II. They wanted every man and woman to know and enjoy four freedoms. Freedom of speech, Freedom of religion, Freedom from fear and Freedom from want are the four main goals of the Allies during World War II. These ideas were put in place and maintained, but they were not sufficient to ensure and enforce the freedoms that they represented, as was evident by Hitler’s atrocities.

In December 1948, the United Nations General Assembly drafted 30 articles covering everything, including rights to education, freedom, liberty, health, and many other topics. These articles have been used to protect civilians during wars or dictatorships, to bring POW’s back home, and ensure that everyone is able to live in safety and liberty.

It is important to spend time understanding the meaning of Human Rights Month. It is a great way to remember the lives and work that went into creating this document for the benefit of all humanity. Volunteering for charities like Amnesty International is a great way to help spread the word about human rights.

These organizations will benefit millions of people all over the globe, and there are many ways you can help. You can start with a simple donation drive or make a concerted effort worldwide to assist prisoners and the poor. International Universal Human Rights Month, which is open to all citizens of the world, allows you to give back to these great organizations.


Dec 01 - 31 2024


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