Universal Music Day

Universal Music Day

The history of music dates back to human history. Historians believe music predated the development of language in human culture. Even infants can make sounds that resemble singing and it happens much earlier than when they are able develop language skills.

Music is a part of nature that is universal. Birds sing songs from trees, sometimes in the morning, and sometimes in the evening. The musical sounds of humpback whales are accompanied by syntax. Mice can even sing at supersonic volumes. The Pacific tree frogs also sing about the weather and to mark their territory.

Universal Music Day was founded in 2007 by Susan Patricia Golden as a worldwide celebration of the freedom and expression of music. Golden believes music is the greatest gift humans can give to themselves. She considers herself a “reconstruction musician”, meaning that music allows people to regain their freedom to express themselves as they did when they were children.

Participating in Universal Music Day can bring you lots of joy, education, and even health benefits. These are some practical ways to enjoy and make the most of Universal Music Day.

One way to get involved with Universal Music Day is to include more music in your day. Turn on the music while you get ready for work each morning. Play some lively music while driving your children to school. While you cook dinner, have some background music. You can even listen to some soft, rhythmic binaural beats while you sleep at night.

You can include different types of music in many interesting ways for Universal Music Day, as well as any other day.

It might be fun, depending on what music is most popular, to create a playlist that incorporates important musical themes in celebration of Universal Music Day.

Make a playlist using Spotify, Apple Music, or another music streaming platform. To increase awareness, share the playlist with your friends and family. These classic 70’s pop songs can be used to start your playlist:

You can make music to celebrate Universal Music Day. Universal Music Day allows you to take lessons on any new instrument, no matter how similar it is to the one you know. Even if you’re just learning to sing in a chorus, the instrument can be your voice.

Even if the song isn’t intended for others, Universal Music Day could be a good reason to create a little song. It might sound like a commercial jingle. It could sound like a nursery song for children. It could turn out to be an amazing symphonic delight. No matter what, you can take the initiative and write some songs in celebration.

If you are looking to write a song for someone other than yourself, consider entering a contest sponsored by a local music school.


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