Unlucky Day

Rewind the clock, forget about the bad luck of the past year, and enjoy Unlucky Day. This day is for looking ahead to the future and getting rid any unfortunates!

Luck is a concept that has roots back to human history. It has evolved in many different ways across cultures. The number 4, in Chinese culture, is unlucky because it is a homophone of the word death. In Western culture, opening an umbrella indoors is considered unlucky due to the fact that it can insult the sun god.

The English word “luck” is likely derived from “luc” or the “gheluc”, which in Middle Dutch means good fortune. This was most likely used to refer to gambling and luck.

People have long considered Friday the thirteenth unlucky. It occurs about twice or three times per year on rotating dates. Unlucky Day falls at the end of the year. It is a culmination of all 364 days before it.

Unlucky Day does not have to be negative, despite its name. These ideas will help you celebrate and enjoy Unlucky Day.

You can celebrate Unlucky Day with a story that deals with luck, or lack thereof. These films are worth a look in celebration of Unlucky Day.

Even people who don’t believe in superstition can celebrate Unlucky Day. They use it to reflect on the past year.

It might be a good idea to make journal entries about the past year and set goals for the new year. Perhaps you should consult a counselor or life coach to help you get rid of the past and prepare for what lies ahead.


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