Urology Awareness Month

Launched in 2014, Urology Awareness Month takes place every September to raise the profile of urology health. Throughout the month, teams of experts and patients aim to increase public awareness of all urological cancers, diseases and conditions that affect the kidney, bladder, prostate and male reproductive organs. As well as highlighting the symptoms associated with such diseases the month looks to also talk about the impact they have on all aspects of a persons life.

We set up Urology Awareness Month because there is a lot of stigma surrounding urology health. From testicular cancer to UTIs, male infertility to incontinence, urology health is often a hard subject for people to open up about.

Our goal with Urology Awareness Month is to break down the stigma around urology health. We know that catching a urology disease early is crucial in order to get the right treatment quicker.So, the more openly we can talk about urology health, the better.

So, join us each September as we scream and shout about urology health. No one should feel they have to deal with these diseases in silence.

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Sep 01 - 30 2024


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